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Where to Build or Install a Fire Bunker

(information borrowed from Australia)

  • Between 30 and 130 feet from your main home, with an entry door facing the principal dwelling - consider age, disabilities and other physical limitations as you choose your site.
  • At the end of a clearly marked, non-slip access path that is straight, level, and obstacle free
  • 30 feet or more away from outbuildings, garages or carports 
  • 30 feet or more away from other fuel sources, such as firewood piles, farm equipment, etc. 
  • Where any nearby trees have been removed or at least trimmed of branches that could fall on bunker door
  • Where other vegetation is kept at a minimum or completely clear around the bunker
  • Where there are no other combustible or non-combustible objects that could fall onto a bunker door because of wildfire generated winds