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  We Have Firewise Membership!



Great News!

We continue to be recognized as a FIREWISE USA Community!

Our hard volunteer work paid off! The Oak Hill Area Fire Safe Council (OHAFSC ) is recognized as an official Firewise USA Community. The goal of the Firewise Program is to reduce the loss of lives, property, and resources from wildland fire by building and maintaining communities in a way that is compatible with our natural surroundings. With your help, we're making progress toward this goal.

Save on California FAIR Plan and USAA fire insurance

There are benefits to YOU, including discounts on the fire portion of the California FAIR Plan, USAA, and other insurance.

If you have the fire portion of your homeowner's insurance through the California FAIR Plan, check with your insurance broker or directly with the California FAIR Plan. You should be eligible for a 5% discount* if you are within the boundary of the Oak Hill Area Fire Safe Council (check map here). 

If you are insured through USAA, check with your insurance company or insurance broker to see  what Firewise USA discounts apply.

Click here if you need documents to demonstrate that you live in a Firewise USA community:

Access to information

Being a Firewise USA Community also gives YOU access to a lot of good information, online training, and links to the latest research.

To read the latest on effective wildfire safety, you can sign up for the free monthly electronic newsletters. (These are in addition to the ones you get from the council on local info). To sign up, go to the National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA Network and choose “Wildfire” as your area of interest.  FYI, the Oak Hill Area Fire Safe Council will monitor the research information on this site and add it to our website as well.

You can also go to the Firewise USA website for other free resources such as the fact sheet on “Preparing Homes for Wildfires” and the “Home Ignition Zone Checklist.”

Keeping this rating

To keep this rating, we need to show progress each year as we improve our fire resilience.  So keep up the good work on creating defensible space and hardening your home!

    Finally...thank you!!!

    We cannot end this article without a big THANK YOU to the all-volunteer OHAFSC Board and other volunteers for developing responsible plans, working with our communities, and causing our Fire Safe Clouncil to stand out and be recognized as a Firewise USA Community!


    *An earlier version of this article mistakenly quoted a 10% discount.