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PG&E's Weather Map

PG&E's Weather Map
A Screen Shot of PG&E's Weather Map -- see bottom of page for the link.

We have been reviewing many weather maps and fire maps to find the best available for this website.  The surprise was that our utility company has developed a weather map that could be considered among the best in some respects.  It does very well giving local conditions in detail though it does not give forecasts as do most weather sites.

Our Fire Safe Council area is surrounded by PG&E weather stations.  Two are located within our Council boundaries: one toward the end of Oak Hill Road on Horizon Court (shown above highlighted in green),  the other is on Chaparral Road and Grannan.

The screen shot above has a center point in blue -- one of our homes in the Council.  The PG&E map asked for permission to obtain the location and then placed distance markers around it.  Very helpful for determining the nearest weather stations.  The grey streaks that look like minnows in a stream are the indications of wind flow.  The numbers on the weather stations give the wind speed.  There are more optional screens on the site to display other kinds of weather data around our homes.

A little advice for using the PG&E website:  To explore it you must use the "Menu" that may be difficult to locate -- it is just to the left of the search bar.  The many possibilities of the weather map become apparent once you open the Menu window.  It may be worth your while to spend some time exploring the options.  Should you ever want quick access to this kind of information, you will know where and how to get it.

Click here to go to PG&E's Weather Map.