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Develop an Action Plan

    Start by Creating a Checklist

    Make a checklist of the items you want to take with you. If you have time, check off each item as you complete it. If not, just get out!

    1. Take Go Bags, important documents, valuables (jewelry, paintings, and photos)
    2. Take your Emergency Communication Plan 
    3. Make sure you have the supplies you need for medical and dietary needs
    4. Take supplies of non-perishable food and water
    5. Have a plan for where you'll stay if you can't be in your home
    6. Take pets (and food and water for them)
    7. Take care of livestock
    8. Turn off utilities
    9. Close windows and skylights
    10. Lock house

    When you need to evacuate, check off each item then get out! 

    Dogs in car
    Load up your pets and secure them so you don't need to spend precious time, which you might not have, to find them.

      Always rehearse your plan ahead of time.