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Rocky Ridge is At It Again

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Rocky Ridge Roadwork - Year Two

Social distancing for the Coronavirus isn't stopping these neighbors from improving their neighborhood - they're social distancing and clearing at the same time. We published an article on their initial work last spring, Now  they're back at it for year two.

Like many of us, they've got a long road (2 miles) that's way overgrown in many places. With such a big task they're taking it on in sections. Neighbors from last year's work days joined with some new ones to take on another piece. 

Even though one of their neighbors owns a chipper (unique, for sure) they decided not to chip it themselves this year but to utilize the county's free chipping program. They cut back about 10 feet and stacked what they cut along the side of the road in the newly cleared sections. Then they put in a request for free chipping from the county.

Looking at the big stack of cut brush by lunch time, it's impressive how much work can get done with neighbors coming together for a morning.