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Rocky Ridge Road Clearance

Final, cleared road
The Difference Two Days Work Made Is Amazing

Kudos to our Rocky Ridge neighbors for taking the initiative to make their road (off Oak Hill Road) safer from wildfire - and to make it more accessible to firefighters. As one resident said, "Our road is private and had become overgrown over the years. We learned that firefighters prioritize saving homes that are well-maintained (and have defensible space).

We wanted our road to reflect the condition of our properties. We also didn't want anything impeding them reaching our homes.

Our goal was to cut back the brush/trees enough to give fire equipment good access to everyone's driveway. We spent two  days working on the road and have more to do, but we've made a big improvement.

So far, eight neighbors have joined in. For the most part it just requires someone to take the lead, pick a day and communicate it. When neighbors find out, even by driving by while you're working, many will join in. A wide range of ages participated, from mid-30s to late 70s. Almost everyone found that they could help in some way."

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BEFORE: Imagine What a Wildfire Would Do in This Overgrowth
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Almost There.
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Making Progress.