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Develop a Family Emergency Communication Plan

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If family members get separated – maybe the kids are at school or you’re at work or the store – do you know how you’ll get in touch? Foresight provides peace of mind in a wildfire situation. Developing an emergency communication plan is useful at other times too. Put a copy in each person's Go Bag.

The plan should include what each person should do if they are at home, at school, even out shopping as well as...

  • At least two phone numbers for family members or friends who live out of the area.
  • Arrange with these contacts to coordinate with each other and to be the central point of contact (or communication hub) for your family.
  • A meeting place in case family members are separated.
  • Specify an alternate meeting place in case the first meeting place isn't possible.

FEMA provides good information at Create Your Family Emergency Communication Plan.
They also provide an excellent, free, fillable template that's easy to use and amazingly comprehensive.