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Big New Science --  What Worked & What Didn't

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In Paradise, most homes were lost, but some survived.  Why?

In this very large examination of 41,717 homes exposed to wildfire from 2013 to 2018 in California, 37,838 homes were destroyed while 3,879 survived.  With numbers that large and a time period that long, researchers using strict scientific processes can reliably nail down what factors about a property contributed to a home's loss and what factors contributed to a home's survival.

The structural variables that increased chances of property loss were:

  • being a mobile home
  • presence of accessory/utility outbuildings
  • sloped properties, and more

Structural variables that contributed to survival were:

  • construction after California's 2008 fire-safe building code was passed
  • presence of multi-pane windows
  • enclosed eaves
  • ignition resistant siding, and more

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2013-2018 Structure Loss.pdf