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Can We Make a Difference?

Common wisdom says we can't make much of a difference. Why bother? Fires are big. You are small. You can't do much except hope it doesn't happen here. 

We beg to differ. There are many things each of us - and all of us collectively - can do to make our homes and our entire neighborhoods safer from fire. (Just take a look at the video below for inspiration.)

 The Oak Hill Fire Safe Council is a grassroots effort made up of volunteers who believe that, together, we can make real progress in making our area safer from wildfire.

We are local. We know our area better than anyone else. And we are committed to achieving our goal to make the Oak Hill area safer from wildfire!

It's all about neighbors helping neighbors. Who cares more about our neighborhood and neighbors than we do? That's right! We are in the best position to take action, or at least nudge those in power to move in the right direction! We lend a helping hand when it’s needed and take a helping hand when we need one.

    Little by little, we are, together, making a difference. Take a look at the Rocky Ridge Road Clearing project for just one example. Many of you are turning out month after month for the community meetings and offering lots of good questions and comments. And look at how many people have volunteered for the various committees like evacuation, defensible space, and the website -- not to mention the work that's been done to organize contact info so we can send out a monthly newsletter. It's pretty amazing.