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Who to Call

Always call 9-1-1 first if there’s an emergency

Important tips to remember when calling 9-1-1, from the El Dorado County Fire District:

  • 911 can be dialed from any phone in the El Dorado County area
  • When calling, state the nature of the emergency
  • Give the address of the emergency
  • Remain calm and answer any questions that the 911 operator has for you
  • Speak clearly and do not shout into the phone
  • Do not hang up the phone until the 911 operator has done so
  • Do not call your local fire department you will receive faster service when you dial 911

Here is some additional non-emergency contact information

California Highway Patrol, Placerville Office

(530) 622-1110

Diamond Springs Fire Department

(530) 626-3190

El Dorado County Fire Department

(530) 644-9630  

El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department

(530) 621-5655