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Firewise Risk Assessment

Firewise logo and motto

The OHAFSC is currently assessing the fire risks in the area.

Do you have a few hours to help?

We are looking for volunteers to help us complete a Firewise Risk Assessment for the Oak Hill Area Fire Safe Council. 

This involves driving around our area to identify the key "fire risk" problems or needs, in relation to both location and type.  We will be looking at things like...

  • Road-clearance needs
  • Areas with excessive fuels
  • Adequacy of road and address signs
  • Open spaces
  • Dead-end road concerns, etc. 

After driving around and recording what we see, we will then use the information to prepare a report that will be submitted to the El Dorado County Fire Safe Council.  This information will be used in the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (or CWPP) update that is now in progress.  This CWPP will include a prioritized listing of actions we can take to make the communities within the Oak Hill Area Fire Safe Council safer from wildfire.  The Firewise Risk Assessment and CWPP are often required for us to compete successfully for various grants that will allow us to take care of the highest needs in our area.  

If you would like to be a part of the Team that will be completing the Firewise Risk Assessment (even if it is just to help with driving through your neighborhood and identifying the key problems or needs), please send a message to us at (redacted).

Here is a diagram showing what defensible space zones within your neighborhood might look like.  Diagram from the National Fire Protection Association (

Community Risk Assessment should focus on the vulnerability of homes and surrounding home ignition zones