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What Is Your Fire Risk?

This map shows the Fire Hazard Severity Zones across the Oak Hill Area Fire Safe Council.  These fire hazard zones were determined by CalFire based on a number of factors, such as vegetation types, fire history, weather patterns, housing density, and topography. 

  • Yellow indicates a Moderate fire hazard level
  • Pink indicates a High fire hazard level
  • Red indicates a Very High fire hazard level. 

You'll notice that most of the High and Very High fire hazard ratings are along the canyons of the North Fork Cosumnes River, Martinez Creek, and part of Squaw Hollow Creek.

TIP: To zoom in, hover your cursor over the map. (On mobile, touch and hold to zoom, then slide to move the map.)

Map showing Fire Hazard Severity levels in the Oak Hill Area Fire Safe Council

Fire Hazard Severity ratings in the Oak Hill Area Fire Safe Council, based on mapping from CalFire.