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Considerations for Building Fire Bunkers

What are the reasons people consider building fire bunkers?

  • Some people who build bunkers are worried that they won’t be able to get out if a wildfire strikes.
  • Others are concerned about the awful possibility of being stuck on one of our dead-end roads in the middle of a fire.

If you are determined to add a fire shelter or bunker to your fire survival plan, we offer thoughts about preparing a well-designed fire bunker at your home well in advance of any need. Keep in mind that creating a fire bunker - a place to shelter in place as safely as possible - can be quite costly. 

Sheltering in place in an emergency is covered in detail in the "Save Your Life" page. Be sure to take a look at that page.

Wildfire is ERRATIC, UNPREDICTABLE, and usually UNDERESTIMATED.  Life safety is always the most important consideration! Homes and things can be replaced. Your life cannot.

Remember: Evacuating early is just about always the best option for saving your life.

Wildland fire in California
Wildfires can be just that- wild and unpredictable