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Secrets of Oak Woodlands by Kate Marianchild (Heyday)

Review by Mark Leighton

This delightful book explores some of the wonderful plants and animals in our Oak Hill Area.  We see and hear the Acorn Woodpeckers.  This book gives us more details about them to add to our enjoyment.  We all seek to avoid poison oak, yet many other animals and birds love it. 

May contain: woodpecker, animal, flicker bird, and bird

There are plants in our area that produce cyanide, others that can be used to tranquilize fish, and others that have male and female flowers.  There are birds that mate for life and occasionally divorce, others that have 10 or more songs and some with very long tongues.  Some creatures that do push-ups, others that build large houses and others that have orgies. 

If you read this book you can find out these things and learn more about the plants and animals in our area.  We live in a wonderous place!