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Respirators for Children

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Respirators for Children

We were not able to find respirators sized for children. Some of the smaller respirators might work but we could not find any that were advertised specifically for children. We emailed 3M to ask about this and received this reply (by the way, we were impressed with how quickly and thoroughly they replied):

"Currently, in the US, respirators are unfortunately not approved by government certification agencies for children’s use for general emergencies, such as wildfires. As a result, 3M does not make respirators available in the US, including the disposable N95 models, specifically for children. Currently, 3M respirators available in the United States are designed to fit adults and have user instructions written for adults. Some of our respirators may fit certain children, but you need to follow guidance from health authorities on how to protect children during a wildfire. We certainly do not recommend putting any type of material directly over the face of an infant or toddler.
We are in discussions with relevant agencies to understand if there could be an approval path from the government for respirators for children in the US."