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Inside Your Shelter

To survive, YOU MUST STAY INSIDE THE SHELTER until the fire front passes. Although it will be very hot, it can be four- or five-times hotter outside.

  • Close all windows and doors; place wet towels under door and window openings.
  • Have your fire extinguishers out and ready to use.
  • Fill sinks, tubs, and buckets with water for extinguishing any embers that enter the space as well as for drinking and flushing toilets.
  • Plan for loss of power. Have flashlights and batteries ready.
  • Disconnect electric garage door openers. Operate doors manually.
  • Close metal window blinds. Remove flammable window treatments.
  • Move furniture away from windows and sliding glass doors.
  • Shut off attic fans, whole house fans, swamp coolers, and interior fans to keep smoke and ash from being drawn into the structure.
  • Wet or remove swamp cooler pads to prevent them from catching on fire.
  • Bring pets inside and place them in carriers.
  • Put livestock and horses in an irrigated pasture or area where fuels have been removed.
  • Leave exterior and interior lights on to help firefighters find your house in dense smoke.
  • Stay in the center of the structure, away from windows and glass doors.
  • Wet down your surroundings.