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Community Meetings:

May contain: human, person, and senior citizen

Join us at the Community Meetings to learn more about wildfire safety in our area. There is a different meeting topic and speaker (often more than one speaker) at every meeting.

DURING THE COVID-19 EMERGENCY, COMMUNITY MEETINGS WILL BE HELD ONLINE. We are combining "Phones, Fires and Failures" with "Radio for the Rest of Us," presented online, on Tuesday, April 14 at 5:30pm. (See detailed announcement below.)

All residents that have subscribed on this website will be sent a code and directions that they can use to join the webinar.

If residents have not subscribed on this website, we do not have their email address.  Snail mail is too costly and impractical to use to contact our 880 residents.  Please help your neighbors join our webinars by letting them know they must subscribe to receive Newsletters, codes and directions for the webinars. Click here to subscribe.