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On the agenda of the Coloma Lotus FireSafe Council is a presentation by Alan Thompson on the Camp Fire that destroyed the communities of Paradise, Magalia and Concow.  NOTE: the meeting is on WEDNESDAY November 6, not Thursday.  You can download the agenda which gives the particulars.  

Alan was part of a disaster-recovery team dispatched to Butte County on November 17 to help restore cell phone service destroyed by the 2018 Camp Fire.  Working there turned him into an "Accidental Advocate" for community and fire safety.  He realized that a disaster just like the Camp Fire could happen in his own home town of Placerville.  It could happen anywhere in California.

This is an audio/video presentation about the Camp Fire with an emphasis on emergency communications planning and execution that went terribly wrong.  He offers suggestions on how to help our communities stay safer in the event of a similar disaster here.