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GMRS Radio: Another Communication Option

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In an Emergency, Communication is Critical.

In the November 2018 Camp Fire, many lives could have been saved if people had been forewarned to evacuate.  But the normal communication channels couldn't handle the sudden increase in the number of calls.  People couldn't reach each other on their cell phones.  The 911 operators were swamped. They needed another communication option.

The El Dorado County Amateur Radio Club (EDCARC) has a program called Neighborhood Radio Watch that offers an additional communication solution: GMRS two-way radios, useable by anyone in your family.

Use the following links to learn more about this program:

Neighborhood Watch ProgramRadio Safety NetsHow to Get Your GMRS LicenseEDCARC Information

Our Fire Safe Council is developing a list of people who want to get a GMRS radio and learn how to use them. There are commercial-grade, used radios available at cost.  If you are interested USE THIS LINK to contact the Council and get your name on the list.