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Community Fire-Hardening Your Home

Broom against wall

Learn what you can do to prevent your home from igniting in a wildfire. There will be displays, hands-on activities, and demonstrations. You will learn specific things that can ignite your home in a wildfire and concrete ways to defeat them.

Sometimes it's the little things that cause a house to ignite during a wildfire...a broom left against the house...a wooden chair by the back door. Sometimes it's bigger things, like attic vent screening with openings that are just a bit too large and allow blowing embers to pass through.


Screened vent

Our speaker will help you learn how to evaluate your house through new eyes, finding ways to harden your home that are within your budget. She'll also discuss recent research about which things are really helpful and which things, sometimes expensive things, might not help much.

Studies of recent fires help us understand why some homes burn in a wildfire and others don’t.  At this community meeting you'll find out how you can increase your home’s chances of surviving a wild fire!

We'll meet at 5:30 p.m. in the Firefighters Memorial Hall behind the fire station in Diamond Springs.